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How To Build a Wardrobe That Gives You Joy!

How To Build a Wardrobe That Gives You Joy!

Sometimes more is not always better. When you open your closet and find hundreds of pieces but “nothing to wear” it might be time to clear out and find another approach. Fast fashion is not only stressful to keep up with as the consumer but it has a huge impact on the environment. Having fewer versatile, classic and better made pieces that will last for the long haul will leave you feeling less stressed when you get ready and will reduce your environmental footprint. 

Creating a long lasting and sustainable wardrobe starts with investing in a few basic pieces that you know will fit well and last for years to come. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with Mott and Bow. They have timeless designs and the quality is made to go the extra mile. 


One of the most important basics you can own is that perfect T-shirt! I can’t tell you how many T’s I own that sit in my closet because they don’t fit well or after washing them once they “just aren’t the same”. Mott and Bow has THE best t-shirts and owning one of these has allowed me to get rid of all the ones that just don’t fit right anymore. 


The other staple that I believe is such a must-have is a good silk cami. It’s perfect for layering or wearing on its own for an elevated and classic look. I paired it with these amazing high waisted black pants that fit like a dream. Having a good pair of jeans and pair of versatile black pants are important staples for any wardrobe. I love that these black pants can be worn with heels or casually with flats as well.  


Last but not least every girl should have a high quality cashmere sweater that won’t get pilly or stretched out.  Mott and Bow’s sweaters are so soft and cozy for the summer and the quality is definitely worth investing in. 


You can shop more of Mott and Bow here if your looking to build your basics wardrobe. 





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