Hi, my name is Kelly.

Hi Everyone! I am Kelly Towart and I live near the coast in Connecticut with my amazing husband (Justin), our two year old baby bean (Ayla) and our American Eskimo pup (Wimble). I have worked for the past 8 years as a licensed professional counselor. I am currently counseling part-time and otherwise I am a stay at home mama and hang out with my bean. I have always had a love for fashion, travel, family and my faith.

My time traveling has stirred up a bit of a fire in me to find creative ways to support and serve those around the world in need. The relationships I have formed with people I have met traveling, particularly in the 3rd world, who have far less than me have been some of the most enriching and inspiring of my life. Although no amount of money would ever be able to give back what I have received I have dedicated at least 51% of any money I receive through this blog to supporting needs overseas. If you are reading this, thank you for supporting this blog. It really is making a difference. If you’re interested in where the money is going I am currently supporting an orphanage in India that my husband and I spend time at a few years back called Love-N-Care. I am also supporting a couple who trains leaders to send them out around the globe to do missions and humanitarian work. Max and Cambria are a very special couple in our lives as they trained my husband and I as we prepared to spend 3 months in Thailand working with women in human trafficking. You can find out more about them here: The Melcherts.   

I believe that everything beautiful is an echo of deeper things to come, and am passionate about discovering beauty in the world because it draws my heart to the author of beauty itself. I hope you enjoy my blog and this glimpse into some of my passions but I hope you find things of deeper substance here too. Thanks for reading and sharing this space with me!



I hope this blog inspires you. Feel free to follow me on social media or reach out directly!