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8 Ethical Brands to Shop at Nordstrom!

8 Ethical Brands to Shop at Nordstrom!


Not only does Patagonia produce their garments under safe, humane working conditions with fair pay, they care a lot about reducing their own carbon foot print as well. They are about as socially responsible and environmentally friendly as a brand can get. The also make pieces to last you for life! If anything happens to an item you have purchased at any point, you can send it in for a free repair! 

Shop Patagonia: Here


 Reformation not only values the lives of those who manufacture their clothing but they also invest in eco-friendly practices. They use many sustainable materials such as viscose, linen and deadstock material. They are working hard to reduce the carbon footprint of the fashion industry. 

Shop Reformation: Here 

3 & 4. JCrew and Madewell: 

 Nordstrom has partnered with JCrew and her sister brand Madewell to carry many of their pieces! This has me all sorts of thrilled because they are two companies that have worked hard to source sustainable fabrics, reduce pollution and create safe and fair working environments for their workers.

Shop Jcrew: Here

Shop Madewell: Here

5.Amour vert: 

 Amour Vert is a California based brand that ethically produces beautiful classic pieces for your everyday wardrobe. They use comfortable fabrics that also have a smaller impact on our planet like organic cotton, mulberry silk and beechwood fabric. Every piece is manufactured in California which means fair wages and good working conditions! They get bonus points in my book because they also plant a tree for every purchase made! 

 Shop Amour Vert: Here

 6.Eileen Fisher:

Eileen Fisher is known for clean and timeless modern style. Her pieces are all amercian made and her company implements Fair Trade pracices along with using many organic materials and more eco-friendly fibers in her clothing designs. 

 Shop Eileen Fisher: Here


This brand is a shoe company that cares! They work hard to use sustainable fabrics like cork and natural latex (both renewable materials) and about 95% of their adhesives are environmentally friendly.  They manufacture exclusively in Germany which means they adhere to strict labor laws and fair wages. 

 Shop Birkenstock: Here

8.Alternative Apparel: 

This is a great comfortable apparel brand that pays fair wages and uses sustainable materials like Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester and eco friendly dyes. They make cozy pieces that will last! 

 Shop Alternative Apparel: Here

Thanks for being a conscious consumer and taking the time to read this and make sustainable shopping choices that value human lives and our planet!



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