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There is Something you can do for Thin and Thinning Hair!

There is Something you can do for Thin and Thinning Hair!

This post has been sponsored by Thicker Fuller Hair. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Women don’t often talk about thin or thinning hair. I have always known it runs in my family but since it was not an issue for my Mom, I honestly never thought about it. At least not until I hit my 30’s and started noticing my hair getting thinner. As a result, I wanted to share a bit about my experience with Thicker Fuller Hair®, find it at your local CVS and save $3 on 1 product. as well as share some of my other tips to prevent thin or thinning hair for those of you who might be experiencing it. Here are my tips that have really helped me to keep my scalp healthy and my hair THERE! 

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1.Finding the right products! 

I recently started using Thicker Fuller Hair’s 4-step scalp to strand regimen for thin and thinning hair.  I try and use “clean” products, and this line happens to be 100% vegan, SLS, Paraben and Phthalate Free. The shampoo has ingredients like organic quinoa, baobab, and biotin, which work together to free your scalp from follicle-clogging impurities and help to strengthen each individual strand. Their conditioner also adds additional nourishment and strength but doesn’t weigh down your hair. After washing and conditioning, I use their scalp tonic—which smells amazing—and I have been absolutely loving it! It helps to nourish your scalp, keeping it healthy and providing your follicles with what they need to stay strong. You can spray it on wet or dry and massage it into your scalp (which also helps promote healthy blood flow for your follicles!). Finally, the root-lifting serum helps to add volume and lift—giving you visibly thicker, fuller hair. 

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2.Keeping my diet in check

Hair needs vitamin E and healthy fats to stay soft and strong. I have noticed that when I eat foods like fish, lean meats, nuts and seeds, my hair looks and feels healthier. Surprisingly, even spices like cinnamon can help provide oxygen and needed nutrients to hair!*


3.Drink that water! 

We all know that water is good for our skin but did you know that one of the fastest ways to weaken hair follicles is dehydration!  About 25% of your follicles are made of water, so to keep my hair hydrated I drink, drink, drink! *


4.Fix the pony!

Staying away from tight braids and ponytails as much as possible, I found the constant tension and pulling actually damaged my hair follicles, causing breakage and thinning hair over time.


You can find the Thicker Fuller Hair line right at your local CVS in their shampoo isle. It’s easy to find and the price point is great at about only $14 a bottle! Right now you can use this coupon to save $3 on 1 product! Valid now through 7/26. Genetics are a challenge to fight when it comes to thin and thinning hair, but finding clean products that help your scalp stay healthy definitely can give your hair a huge advantage. Hope some of these tips can help you as much as they have helped me and as always, thanks for reading! 



*claims are personal opinions and experiences, not substantiated by Thicker Fuller Hair’s research

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