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My Mommy Must Haves

My Mommy Must Haves


I know many of you have asked what my favorite mommy products are so I wanted to round up a post on my “Mommy Must Haves”. A few of these products are actually new to me and just things I really wish I would have had the first time around. The rest are some of my tried and true favorites. I know they are all products you guys will love as much as me though! Here they are: 

1.Nano Bebe Bottle- These bottles are new to me and I am really excited to try them out. They are the only bottle on the market that actually has been designed to preserve the nutrients in breast milk! We work so hard for that liquid gold and I want every last drop of nutrition preserved! 

2.Owlet – I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this monitor. I didn’t know this existed when Ayla was born but if there is one thing I could send back in time to have for my first baby it would definitely be this. The Owlet uses the same kind of technology they use in the NICU to monitor your babies oxygen levels while they sleep. If their levels drop for any reason an alarm will go off and alert you. I was ALWAYS waking up to make sure Ayla was still breathing and I can promise you I will sleep a million times better having this monitor on our second babe. You just can’t put a price tag on sleep those early days. In my opinion this monitor is more than worth every last penny! 


3.Lilypadz- When new mom’s ask me what my favorite product was when I had Ayla, this is it. Breastfeeding was such a challenge for us and I was sore for months. I tried disposable breast pads as well as the reusable kind you can wash for leaking and they all rubbed my already sore breasts, were bulky and super uncomfortable. One of my BFF’s INSISTED I try these. Eventually I relented and made the purchase. They are such a lifesaver! They are little silicone discs that go right over your nipple and actually keep you from leaking. I used the same pair around the clock (yep, I slept in them too) for about 9  months and they never lost their stickiness. You just wash and dry them with soap and warm water and stick them right back on. I even wear them when I’m not breastfeeding for occasions when I have a backless dress or can’t wear a bra. These are a must have in my book and every friend that I have gotten to use these absolutely love them. 

4. Freemie – This was another lifesaver. I have a Medela pump and it’s completely compatible with the Freemie cups (I know it works with a number of brands). I would bring my Medela pump with the car adapter with me every time I drove anywhere and I would just stick these cups right in my nursing bra and pump, hands free, while driving. Multi-tasking never felt so good. If you pump at work or need to be hands free, these cups are amazing and fit right in your nursing bra or under your shirt! I will say that I got a tiny bit less milk when using these as opposed to the Medela hands free set up so I didn’t use them for every pumping session but the convenience outweighed that extra half an oz in many situations. 

5. Ollie- This swaddle is pure genius. You can get it super snug and the Velcro is strong enough so baby can’t Houdini their little arms out. It has an opening at the bottom so you can easily do middle of the night diaper changes without having to swaddle and un-swaddle all night long! 

6. doc-a-tot- We did not have a doc at tot with Ayla but I am really looking forward to having one this time around. I have had a number of friends use it and they all rave about it. I love how easy it is to move it around the house for naps or to bring with you for travel. I know this is going to be such a life saver for us! 

7. Milkies nursing blend- Guys… nursing was SO hard for Ayla and I. We worked with a lactation specialist for 2 months before we were exclusively breastfeeding and then supply was always an issue for me. I know I tend to have a lower supply so I am well prepared this time around with Milkies nursing supplements. They help to increase production but also the quality of your milk. I just wish I had known about these supplements 3 yrs ago! 

8. Tubby Todd- I always use non-toxic and organic products for Ayla and she has been loving the Tubby Todd shampoo we recently switched to! This is what I will be using with babe number 2 once she is here because we have just been loving it. They have a whole line of baby products that I am really excited about trying on our new little one as well (think amazing creams, ointments, even baby body spray!).

Shop here: Tubby Todd

9. Nanit- We have had the worst luck with monitors. Our top of the line Samsung monitor we purchased when Ayla was born had to be sent in for repairs twice before we just gave up and replaced it with a Levana.  We have been equally as unhappy with this current monitor as well (the night vision just broke on it!) but since Ayla is older we didn't want to spend the money to replace it. We have been so tired of buying expensive monitors that break and with number two on the way I knew we needed a good monitor.  I started doing some research and after tons of online comparison we landed on the Nanit. After setting it up I could not be more excited about it! Not only does it have a birds eye view of the whole crib but the app is just amazing. It can run in the background on your phone (so you can still use it) and it even gives you data about your babies sleep patterns (when they fell asleep, how long they slept for, etc.). If your in the market for a monitor I would highly recommend checking this one out! 

10. Solly baby wrap- I tried a few brands of baby wraps and carriers with Ayla but always came back to my Solly wrap. We lived in these when Ayla was a baby and I can’t wait to use them this time around as well. They are so comfortable to wear and the prints and colors are adorable. I already owned 2 of their wraps and I just added a new blush polka dot colored wrap to our collection for the new little one. I also got their dolly wrap for Ayla so she can wrap up her baby dolls. She is going to LOVE matching me and pretending to be a mommy with her Solly Dolly wrap! 

Shop here: Solly Baby

Hope this post is helpful for all you mama's and mama's to be! If you have any questions about any of these products, always feel free to reach out! I love sharing my experience with you guys and I know how overwhelming baby purchases and registries can be! 



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