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Celebrating International Friendship Day with Links of London!

Celebrating International Friendship Day with Links of London!

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Break out your friendship bracelets and grab your BFF because its almost international friendship day! What better way to celebrate friendship than with a fun stack of bracelet’s? It’s basically the grown up equivalent of the quintessential BFF heart necklaces you had back in elementary school. I love how fun friendship bracelets are to layer and these adorable mini friendship bracelets from Links of London are my current go-to’s because they look great with everything. 

As adults it really can be difficult to grow the kind of deep and meaningful friendships you may have experienced in high school or college. With jobs, families and a lack of places to meet people it can really be a challenge to find that BFF to live life with.  If you haven’t found those close relationships I would encourage you this friendship day to hit pause on your Facebook pals, get past those uncomfortable feelings and ask that acquaintance in your life (yes your real life) out for coffee. It could be the start of a great friendship! 

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I feel so lucky to have a number of incredibly close friends here in CT. Most of whom I have met through my church. I wont lie, it always feels a little awkward to be the first one to ask someone out for coffee but I have found that more I do it, the easier it becomes. Those dates have resulted in some of my closest friendships over the years. The amazing lady you see sitting beside me in these photos, as well as the one who is hidden away behind the camera lens, are two of my closest girl friends in CT. They deserve a special shout out because I could not have made it through this last season without them. For years we have shared laughs and tears. We have become mothers together and our kids are now growing up together. Sometimes Ayla even misses them if it's been a few days since we last saw them and she makes me call them (usually over breakfast) just so she can say hi. We have encouraged each other in seasons when marriage or parenting just felt a little bit more difficult and we can always find a fun adventure to be had! Through all the seasons though, none has left me more dependent on friends than the first five months of this pregnancy. Being stuck in bed for 5 months with no family nearby showed me just what kind of incredible humans my friends truly are. They would not only watch my daughter on a weekly basis, but half the time my laundry was folded, my kitchen cleaned and dinner was made. I kid you not when I say that even my refrigerator and pantry has been cleaned and organized a time or two! If that’s not true friendship then I don’t know what is! 

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I guess that my point, aside from wanting to thank some of the amazing ladies in my life, is that we were made to be in meaningful relationships with others. Life is just to difficult and lonely to go it alone. If you find yourself thinking that close friendship just doesn’t happen after college, please don’t buy into that lie. It may take a little extra work but it’s very much worth it!  If you do have friends like this in your life, make sure you take time to tell them how much they mean this international friendship day! 



Bracelet: Links of london | Dress: Shop Pink Blush

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