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15 Mom Approved Baby Shower Gifts!

15 Mom Approved Baby Shower Gifts!

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There really are not many things in life that are more exciting than celebrating the birth of a tiny little life. As a mom of two I am asked a lot about my favorite baby products and gift ideas. I wanted to share a quick “Mom approved” list of some of my favorites with you! 

1. Solly Wrap- I tried 4 different cloth wraps with my first baby and NONE compare to my Solly Wrap. This is by far my favorite way to carry a tiny baby because it keeps them so snug and close to you. This was the only way I got dishes done, laundry folded and dinner made. I love all the fun styles and how easily it fits in a diaper bag to take on the go! 

2. Angelcare Baby Breathing Monitor- When a mom-to be asks me what my favorite products are I always say “anything that helps you sleep better.” With my first, It wasn’t her crying that kept me up at night, it was my fear. I would wake up to see if she was breathing constantly! This monitor is an investment in your baby’s safety but also into your peace of mind. It has a clear picture of your little one while they sleep and monitors their breathing so you can rest peacefully.

3. Copper Pearl- Cute bibs are a must! We use them daily for eating AND for drooling during teething! Copper Pearl has the cutest little cotton bibs in so many fun patterns. These are the perfect finishing touch to any baby shower gift! 

4. Milk Barn Burp Cloths- Don’t waste your time on other burp clothes. These are not only large, super soft and incredibly absorbent but they are so ridiculously cute! Both my girls were crazy with the spit up and we FLEW through the burp cloths. I would actually do extra laundry just to have these clean because I loved them so much! Nothing else really compares in my book.

5. Born Free- I love Born Free because they make beautifully designed, practical and affordable baby gear. I did a whole blog post on their Siba Playard (linked here) and love the design and easy portability. It’s a great size for napping (or playing in) on the go and the quality is fantastic! This will last for many babies to come! 

6. Tubby Todd- This bubbly brand has stolen my heart! They have the best baby products that are natural, adorable and so very gift-worthy for any mama! We use their baby basics set religiously and their shampoo and detangling spray (for my toddler) are my absolute fav’s! 

7. COZYS Pj’s- My 4 year old recently said to me as I put her in her COZYS Pj’s “Mom, I wish all my PJ’s were this soft! Can we only get this kind from now on?” A newborn wont be able to ask you that but trust me, they will feel the same way. COZYS makes the cutest and softest little PJ sets that are perfect for gifting at any shower! 

8. LouLou LOLLIPOP- LouLou LOLLIPOP has the cutest muslin quilts you will find out there. They are amazing quality, perfect for a stroller blanket and they get softer with every wash. My girls both have one but my 4 year old takes it everywhere and sleeps with it every night. I love a baby product that you know will be loved for years to come! 

9. UPPAbaby VISTA- This has to be my #1 recommended baby registry gift. We purchased our UPPAbaby VISTA before having our 1stand I remember wondering if it would be worth the price point. I just have to say that after 4 years of using this with two kids this stroller is more than worth it’s weight in gold. Find a few other people to chip in and make sure that Mama get’s this for her little one. She will seriously be thanking you for years to come! I am also a little obsessed with the UPPAbaby SPENSER print! It is beyond cute and you can find it right now at Nordstrom! 

10. HABA wooden teether- HABA has some of the best baby and kid toys around and their easy to grasp wooden teethers do not disappoint! They have a wide variety of colorful options that every baby will love to play with and chew on for hours! 

11. Petunia Pickle Bottom- Keeping an organized diaper bag has always felt like an uphill battle until I met this amazing backpack! It has so many organizational compartments, an insulated bottle pouch built in and the outside is coated canvase so it easily wipes clean. Let’s just say it’s a mama’s dream bag. 

12. Moby Wrap Move Baby Carrier- Once my girls got past 5 months I always used a structured baby carrier with good support. I would quickly get a sore back from carrying them for more than a few minutes. Once I tried the Moby Wrap Move Baby Carrier I totally fell in love and found myself able to carrying them for a much longer period of time without the backache. It’s also incredibly easy to put on which I love! After using many structured baby carriers this is definitely my number one choice for ease and comfort! 

13. KicKee Pants- You will never find a softer onsie than a KicKee pants onsie! This material is insanely cozy and exactly what every baby should be wrapped up in. If you really want to get an amazing baby gift you can gift that mama one of their baby onsies AND a matching pair of PJ’s for her for those postpartum snuggles! 

14. The Tit Kit- The gift every new mama should have that they don’t know to ask for. The whole first month of my life with a baby would have been changed if I had this kit to help me navigate breastfeeding. Everything you need to take care of yourself and get set up for success with breastfeeding is right here! 

15. Wee Gallery Nordic Grasper Ball- When it comes to cute toys that you wont actually mind laying out around your house Wee Gallery is the way to go! They have the sweetest designs and their black and white prints are perfect for brand new baby eyes! I love their Nordic Grasper ball and they have a huge selection of toys to help with every stage of development for your little one! 

I hope you find this list helpful when looking for the perfect mom approved baby gift! I know that mama to be will love everything on here and so will her sweet little babe! 



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