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Gift Guide: Gifts for Every Man in Your Life

Gift Guide: Gifts for Every Man in Your Life

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I don’t know about you, but I can get a little stressed out about what to get the men in my life around the holidays. My husband, my brother and my dad are all a little tricky to buy for. I know I am not alone in the struggle, so as I was researching things to buy for them, I decided to put together a little gift guide from Bed Bath and Beyond and Harmon for you guys as well. I hope you find it helpful!  

1. Gillette’s Limited Edition Gift Packs -  I always fill my husband'sstocking with toiletries like soap, toothpaste and razors, so I was really excited to find Gillette’s Limited Edition Gift Packs. I actually got a pack to gift my husband and dad this year as you can see in the photos above. You can get the packs with either the MACH3 Turbo or the Fusion ProShield cartridges. The matte black razor is very nicely designed and it comes with a matte black and chrome stand. The Fusion ProShield also includes an all black FlexBall Feature and comes with one 5-bladed cartridge. The MACH3 comes with three 3-bladed cartridges. They are available in-store at select Bed Bath & Beyond and Harmon stores for $19.99. Find your local Bed Bath and Beyond store here

2. Taco grilling rack- Because everyone needs some tacos in their Christmas! If your man loves tacos and grilling this is a definite must have! 

3. 14 piece grilling tool set- I am pretty sure that a really nice set of grilling tools to a man is basically the equivalent of a trip to Sephora for luxury makeup for a girl. Plus, I personally love to buy my husband gifts that make him even more excited to cook dinner more often ;). 

4. Nespresso coffee and espresso maker – Let’s be honest, if you buy him this gift your probably really buying it for you. He doesn’t have to know that though. Just think of all the money you will save by making your own latte instead of giving all your money to Starbucks on the daily. This might just pay for itself in a month or two ;). 

5. Voice activated trash can-  Ok, you may be thinking “A trash can for Christmas?!?” Yep. I had to put it on the list because we got this exact model a few months ago and it’s the best thing to happen to my kitchen in years. Trust me… it’s the gift he never even knew he wanted but will quickly not be able to live without. He just has to say “open can” and he can practice his jump shot with balled up paper towels from across the kitchen! 

6. Shiatsu recline massage chair-  If you really want to spoil him there is nothing like a reclining massage chair to do the trick! It’s also heated for extra soothing relief on those cold winter nights where he just wants to unwind after a day at work. 

7. French press travel mug- If the man in your life is not a Keurig drinker then this is the perfect gift! There are few things more comforting than fresh, hot coffee and it’s even better when you can take it on the run!  This is the perfect gift to pair with some great artisanal coffees that nicely fill his stocking as well! 

8. 15 inch pizza stone- I bought this for my husband last year for Christmas because he would eat pizza ever night of the week if I would let him. It’s been one of his favorite gifts so I had to add it to my gift guide this year for you guys too! 

 I hope this post is helpful for you as your shopping for the holidays! Don’t forget about those amazing 20% off coupons to use at Bed Bath and Beyond as well! I would also like to thank Gillette, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Harmon for sponsoring this post and for making holiday shopping for the men in my life so much easier! 



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