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Gifting All Things Cozy With QVC!

Gifting All Things Cozy With QVC!

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With so many gifts to choose from over the holidays it can be a little overwhelming to find the right one at times. My favorite kind of gift to give is the kind that makes someone feel warm, cozy and thankful every time they use it. You all know by now how much I love QVC and since they have some of the coziest gifts you can give, I put together a gift guide for you with my top picks!

1.Barefoot Dreams Cardigan- I currently own three cardigans from Barefoot Dreams and most weeks it feels like I wear them on rotation. Gifting Barefoot Dreams cardigans is basically like gifting someone a cloud to wrap themselves up in all year round. They will probably thank you for years to come. Seriously.

2.Koolaburra slippers- These have basically not left my feet since I got them. They are by far the warmest and coziest slippers I have ever owned. They also have a great tread on the bottom if you’d like to wear them out of the house, because we all know those target PJ runs happen more than you’d like to admit ;).

3.Barefoot Dreams Socks- Getting socks for Christmas may have had you rolling your eyes as a kid but trust me, no one will be rolling there eyes once they get these on their feet!

4.Fiddle Leaf Tree- Nothing makes a room feel cozier than adding some green! For some extra cozy you can even add some holiday twinkle lights. Besides, your house has been good to you and deserves a little Christmas gift as well don’t you think?

5.Pepermint Candles- There are few things that put me in the holiday spirit more than walking into a room that smells like Christmas. These candles smell incredible and make a great gift for anyone on your list!

6.Spanx Leggings- These are a total life saver and any legging wearing human on your list is sure to agree! These leggings are so warm and look amazing on because they hold everything together in all the right places ;).

7.Holiday Mug- Coffee time is probably the best time of the day so making it even better with a cute holiday mug just adds a little extra happy to your morning. I love these adorable penguins and you know that Lenox quality will last a lifetime!

8.Koolaburra Boots- Trust me, anyone on your list will gladly trade in their heels for a warm pair of Kookaburra boots this winter. They are super and cute, so easy to slip on and they keep your feet incredibly warm on the coldest days. I especially love the tie detail in the back!

9. Cashmere gloves- I am pretty sure the opposite of cozy is that feeling of jumping in the car without gloves in the morning and having to hold onto a freezing cold steering wheel! Making sure no one in your life has to be subjected to that feeling is one of the most loving gifts you can give. Also, Cashmere. Enough said.

10.Barefoot Dreams PJ’s- There are not really words to describe how soft and amazing these PJ’s are. As a mama to a new babe I think these are an especially amazing gift for anyone with young kids. Lets be honest, when you have kids you spend WAY too much time in your PJ’s so it helps to feel cute, cozy and just a tiny bit put together. They also wash really well and come out wrinkle free!

11. Berkshire Blanket- This blanket is incredibly soft and super affordable! Who doesn’t love a good blanket as a gift? They have the cutest color selection as well!

I hope this gift guide helps you out with your cozy gifting this year! Wishing you guys all the snuggly, warm Christmas feels!



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