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How to Keep That Pregnancy Glow in Your Hair Postpartum!

How to Keep That Pregnancy Glow in Your Hair Postpartum!

 Pregnancy comes with a million and one different symptoms, many of which are unpleasant to say the least. The one that I have never heard a complaint about is that thick glowing hair you get while growing that sweet babe! It’s always a bit heart braking to look at the apocalyptic hair loss collecting in the shower drain that inevitably comes a few months postpartum. While I don’t think it’s possible to completely avoid the hair loss, I was lucky enough to find a treatment that left my hair so soft and healthy that I swear it almost looked better than when I was pregnant! 

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 I was really excited when Luscious and co in Shelton CT invited me in to try their micro-mist treatments because the invite came just as my hair was starting to thin after pregnancy. When I arrived I instantly fell in love with the beautifully decorated salon and was greeted by their amazing staff. They explained that the micro-mist treatment would restore softness, strength and shine as the alternating steam and cooling from the machine caused a specially designed serum to go deep into my hair restoring damage. 

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 So what was the process like? Glad you asked! We always started with a wash (and the best scalp massages ever) and then the serum would be sprayed on my hair. I would then sit under the steaming/cooling machine for around 15-20 minutes. After the treatment was infused into my hair they rinsed it out and styled it. After just the first treatment I noticed such a difference in the shine and softness of my hair. I couldn’t remember ever feeling my hair so soft before in my life. It felt incredibly healthy and like I had never used a hot tool on it before! After the 3rd treatment I was amazed at the dramatic results and how soft and shiny my hair was. I think it looked better after these treatments than at any point in pregnancy. I don’t color my hair but I kept thinking that if I did, this treatment would be a MUST. I would imagine it would do wonders for color treated hair that gets a bit more brittle and dried out. 

 It’s been about two months since my last treatment and my hair still feels super healthy and soft. I am not sure how long the results will last for but I think if I went 3 or 4 times a year my hair would stay incredibly healthy and I could easily keep this soft shiny glow year round. I plan to continue to go to them for hair cuts (My stylist cut my hair during our last session and it looked AMAZING. They definitely made me a customer for life!) and will likely continue to do the micro-mist treatments at each cut. 

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 I also just have to share that ladies at the salon were amazing with my two girls and made sure I was able to relax, even though I always had to bring them along. As a work-at-home mom, I don’t have alternative childcare so my girls come with me everywhere I go. I have had a number of experiences at other salons where people seem a bit annoyed that I had to bring them. At Lucious and Co, they made me feel like they were nothing but happy to have them there. If Cosette got a bit wrestles they would get her out of the stroller and hold her, they brought me coffee while I sat under the micro-mist machine and even braided Ayla’s hair each time! Ayla started to get so excited for our “mommy daughter dates” at the salon and after she would refuse to take a bath for a day or two just to keep her pretty braid in! They made her feel so cared for that she even asked me a few times when we were going to go see Jerica (my stylist) again. As a mom, that made such a difference for me in my experience there and is one of the reasons I plan to continue to go to them for any salon services I need in the future.  If you live anywhere near Shelton CT I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for this salon. You should definitely ask them about their micro-mist treatments or just go in for a great cut! If you give them a call, let them know I sent you ;). 





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