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My Favorite Clean Makeup Products For Pregnancy

My Favorite Clean Makeup Products For Pregnancy

You all know that while I try to use a lot of clean products, I am not 100% non-toxic with the beauty products I use. During pregnancy though, I really try and clean up my beauty routine and stick to organic and non-toxic brands. I have had a number of questions from you guys about the products I use during pregnancy and I wanted to share with you some of my favorites. A few of these products have been gifted to me and a number of them I have purchased myself. This is 100% my honest opinion (as always!) and I am excited to share what I love (or don’t love) about these brands. If you have a clean makeup brand you use and love that you don’t see here please let me know! 

Juice beauty

Juice beauty: This is my favorite brand for powder and foundation. The one thing I will say about this foundation is that it’s a bit watery so having the foundation brush really helps a ton. (If you’re used to using your hands or a blender you may want to switch to the brush for the best application). While I do wish it were a creamier texture, I have actually been shocked at how well it covers. I have tried a few foundations and this has proven to be my favorite and my daily go-to during this pregnancy. I usually brush on their setting powder, which I absolutely love, over the foundation for a bit of extra coverage and staying power. 

organic makeup2123.JPG

 100% pure: I love that this brand is so clean you could practically eat the products. They use all fruit pigments in their makeup which is great, however, it doesn’t have a lot of staying power. The photo above is of their “Pretty Naked Pallet.” I am happy with the blush but I really don’t use the shadow much. I don’t like a heavy blush so the lack of pigment has been ok for me, but the shadow really doesn’t stay put very well and the pigment is just not what I would want it to be. If you like an incredibly natural look with very light eye makeup then this would be a great pallet for you. Overall, it hasn’t been my favorite brand but it does still find a small place in my make up drawer. 

Inika Organic

 Inika Organic: This is a brand I have really fallen in love with. I had the hardest time finding an organic mascara I loved. Every one I tried either had very little length and volume, or it just smudged and flaked around my eyes. I have been really happy with the length and staying power of Inika’s long lengths mascara and would totally recommend it. Their day to night shadow pallet is also amazing. They have a great color selection, are well pigmented and stay all day. It’s overall a wonderful everyday palette.  

Sara Happ

 Sarah Happ: I am a lip gloss junkie. Seriously. I have at least a few hundred lip products I have accumulated over the years so when I say I have compared a lot of products in the lip department I mean it. These are some of my absolute favorites. They have the best lip scrubs and the lip mask leaves your lips super smooth. The lip slip and dream slip balms are fantastic for daily moisture and I have been keeping my dream slip balm next to my bed at night. I use it before I sleep and wake up with super soft lips. If your lips need some TLC I would totally recommend these! 

ilia cosmetics

Illia: I tried Illia’s foundation but was not very happy with the coverage, and actually returned it. I tried the concealer at the same time and had a totally different experience with it. I have really loved their concealer for under my eyes because it not only covers well, but moisturizing and doesn’t crease. I am also a bit obsessed with the colors in this eye pallet. Their shadows go on smooth, they are well pigmented and they have the prettiest colors!

Julep Beauty

Julep: Alright, I started using this brand when they first launched YEARS ago. I am in love with their polishes and have about 100 different colors (I used to get their monthly polish box). It’s sad to say but I rarely paint my nails these days because, with a toddler, anything I put on just chips in half a second. I have been loving Juleps strengthening, brightening and oxygen polishes though because they are perfect to wear on a natural nail. My nails are a lot healthier when using these and the polishes are free of the toxic chemicals you want to steer clear of. I recently started using their make up products as well and they are all amazing. I particularly love their lip glosses. They have the prettiest colors, go on, smooth, and wear amazingly well! 

Dr. Hauschka makeup

Dr. Hauschka: These are, hands down, some of my favorite products. I always find myself spending way more time than I should playing with all of their fun products when I shop at Whole Foods. I use the bronzer every day for a bit of a glow or for contouring. Their lip glosses and lip sticks are all amazing and the eye shadow pallets go on smooth and stay all day. They have a great blend of colors in their pallets that are perfect for daily use. The plum shade in this particular pallet is going to be on repeat in my makeup routine all fall and winter long! 


 bareMinerals: Blush heaven right here. I often have a hard time finding the right color blush, especially when I am extra pale in the winter. This pallet is perfect to go from summer to winter if you want to always have the right color. The colors blend nicely and look natural but are also very buildable if you want a more dramatic look.  BareMinerals also has some of my favorite eye shadow pallets. The one pictured here is their Hidden Treasure pallet and it has such a great range of light to dark colors, making it perfect for day to night looks! 

Hope this review has been helpful as you look to clean up your beauty routine! 



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