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10 Ways To Be Travel Ready For The Holidays

10 Ways To Be Travel Ready For The Holidays

The holidays are always such a special time of year and for many of us it means traveling to see family. I always used to dread packing but after taking enough trips I began to find some helpful tips that made preparing so much easier. Here are a few tips I have picked up along the way:

1. Make a list- I always used to think this was a waste of time but I could not have been more wrong. It not only helps to avoid over packing but it ensures you have everything you need (nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing you forgot your toothbrush or underwear!) and minimizes stress. I like to make a list a bit in advance to give myself time to add items I may have forgotten. The list also ensures you don’t leave anything behind when you pack to return home.

2. Pack around bulky items- It’s so easy to plan your outfits and then add shoes and jackets as an afterthought. Shoes and jackets often take up the most space in a suitcase so choosing the shoes and coats you know you will need and planning your outfits around those items can save a lot of space. Find a jacket and a few pairs of shoes that are versatile so you don’t need to bring as many pairs.

3. Get organizers- for domestic flights I love to have an organizer set (this the Summer Bike Blu Bag set shown here). It not only helps to keep everything organized but it keeps things wrinkle free and increases space in your luggage. For overseas travel and longer trips I often go with a compression sac for additional space. I also use Ziplocs for organizing smaller items and things that may spill like lotions and shampoos.

4. Role, don’t fold- Rolling your garments not only leaves you with more space but it helps to avoid harsh creases in the fabric leaving your clothing with far less wrinkles.

5. Use Tissue paper- this is a little trick of the trade. If you take a piece of tissue paper and roll a more wrinkle prone item in it you will find that your wrinkles will be dramatically reduced (I don’t know why, but it really works!) I also use tissue paper to wrap my jewelry so that it does not get tarnished and tangled while traveling.

6. Know your airlines baggage policy- check the weight of your bags and measurements for carryon’s based on your airlines guidelines before arriving at the gate. You will want to know what added fees there are for checking  a bag and if possible opt for just a carry on to avoid fees if possible.

7. Always carry essentials in your carry on- Make sure all your valuables (think jewelry, expensive purses or shoes, etc) are in your carry on. I also pack my toothbrush, an extra outfit, a pair of pj’s and some undergarments in my carry on in case my luggage gets lost. It’s happened to me or someone I was traveling with more than once. Although the luggage is usually returned the following day it’s nice to not have to run to the nearest Target for the essentials.

8. Lock your bags- This may seem like common sense but make sure you have a bag lock on your checked items as well as your carry on. I learned the hard way that your carry on needs a lock as well. While flying Delta last year my carry on was gate checked when they ran out of room on the flight for overhead luggage. The jewelry bag at the top of my bag was stolen and I lost over 5,000 dollars in jewelry. Want know what Delta paid me? $75 dollars for the jewelry case it was in because they don’t cover stolen jewelry even if their employees are the ones who took it. Thank goodness for homeowners insurance. After a steep deductible I was able to replace about 2/3rds of my jewelry but learn from me and make sure your carry on is locked! 

9. On the plane essentials- I always bring a scarf because they are so versatile. You can use it as a blanket, to wrap up in or to sit on. I always carry a small bag filled with lip gloss, Airborne, Advil, hand sanitizer and wet wipes, pantyliners (a must for international travel when you may not be able to change clothing or freshen up for a full 24 hours), a protective moisturizer (flying is really hard on your skin), an eye mask and earplugs. If your eyes get dry on flights you may want to include eye drops as well.

10. Get a bag that will stand out- I know you look cool with your sleek black suitcase but your bag is far less likely to get stolen if you use a bag that has a pattern or stands out in some way. I love the Rayna coated linen duffel that is pictured above because, not only does it have a protective coating to prevent marks and stains but it has a beautiful design that makes it less likely to be stolen.

I hope some of these tips help you with your holiday travels. I would like to thank RockFlowerPaper for sponsoring this post. They have some of the most adorable travel essentials from overnight bags, to make up cases, scarfs and duffels. Make sure you check them out and the pieces you see above are linked below for easy shopping! 

Duffle: RockFlowerPaper | Makeup Cases: RockFlowerPaper | Travel Organizers: RockFlowerPaper | Hoodie: Dressbarn | Velour Pants: Dressbarn  | Hat: Topshop | Scarf: Target (similar here) | Sneakers: Saint Laurent


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